Three warning signs your business needs change

know it is time for change
Last week we talked about the different kind of influences on your business.

But sometimes a red light would be nice, right?

A bell that saves you from disaster?

Well, today I want to keep it short and simple…

​there are signs that something might be off in your company systems and change is inevitable

It is time to look at business processes and reports, talk with clients and your team, ask your peers…

And three of the warning signs for change needed are:

Continually need to deal with the same problems and mistakes

If you find yourself firefighting on the same issues and solving the same problems, it is a sure sign that your procedures need an update or a correction.

Best Option: Do the correction while you work on solving the problem.

What has caused the problem? A bottleneck? An app that isn’t set up correctly?

Your expenses are going through the roof – unplanned

From time to time your expenses will take a leap – depending on how you run your business and what your scaling measures are. BUT if the expenses jump and you have no clue why it is a definite warning sign.

You work more and more and more, for the same or worse results

To ensure productivity you should track your time on a regular basis – definitely before you want to start scaling your business.

But if you keep working more, things are taking longer than usualand there is no obvious reason it is time for an assessment of your current situation.

Bonus Warning:

Your client numbers and revenue numbers drop

Sometimes a decline or glass ceiling of getting more clients is a warning sign already. But if you keep getting in the same revenue – it might be a time of bottle-neck-syndrome (which still should result in action aka assessment).
But if your revenue drops, too, it is a sure sign that something is off.

​Are you ready for change?



December 3rd, 2018