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know it is time for change

Three warning signs your business needs change

Last week we talked about the different kind of influences on your business. But sometimes a red light would be nice, right? A bell that saves you from disaster? Well, today I want to keep it short and simple… ​there are signs that something might be off and change is inevitable It is time to […]

change is difficult - not changing is fatal

How To Understand And Manage The Need For Change In Your Business

In the last blog, we talked about the fact that tasks in your business are nothing but habits. However, business habits must be deliberately planned and designed and adapted when change occurs. And when your business grows or the circumstances change, these habits need adaptation. The aim of these changes, the systematic design of processes […]

chaos to flow

Everyone Talks About Systems But What Does That Really Mean?

How does having systems implemented in your business affect your day and work? And what are those systems? Systems consist of all the tasks in your business, and how you get your ducks, ahem tasks in a row is what everybody is talking about. How efficient and clear those tasks are organized. Let’s start at […]