My services revolve all around optimizing your business, so you can be more efficient and have more time.

How would a typical day look like for you, if you would have an extra hour?

What if you were more efficient, so you are less stressed and don't get overwhelmed by all the tasks in your business?

Would you create another product so you have another stream of income? Or rather spend it with your loved ones?

I am offering different 1:1 services that fully concentrate on your needs. Together we will create a solution that works for you - no cookie cutter fix.

I have worked in various business sized and industries and will bring all-in-all 20 years experience from the corporate world to the table.

Are you ready to step out of that hamsterwheel that is somehow always running a bit too fast to keep up?


1:1 CALL

You are looking for an immidiate solution

for your biggest struggles?

What you get?


2-Hour Call +

4 weeks unlimited email support

399 USD



You want to intensively work one day and get your business streamlined and yourself more productive?

What you get?


2 x 2 hours Call +

2 months unlimited email support

1499 USD

Optimize Your Business


You want to optimize your business from head to toe and a consultant to support you with strong advise and experience?

What you get?


Assessment of your business from head to toe,

with full documentation and advice for optimization.

Timeframe: 1 month 

2999 USD

Done For You -


You don't want to take care of your new business processes? Or parts of the tasks in your business? 

Depending on your needs we can offer you DFY-solutions, so you are getting even more support in your business and don't have to manage it all by yourself.

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Ms. Ollnow helped us in obtaining the certificate for the management system Sarbanes-Oxley Act. She analyzed and documented our processes, as well as prepared the documentation for the audit. She helped us in carrying out the tests and preparation of deviation reports. The monitoring of and fulfillment of corrections were well-planned and thought-out by Ms. Ollnow. She found solutions for any deviations and knew to realize these. Mrs. Ollnow not only established the management system in our office in Germany. She also worked on-site in Portugal and the Scandinavian subsidiaries to achieve certification standards. I appreciate Ms. Ollnow very much and would work with her at any time.

Frank von Allwörden, Head of Accounting, Home Decor