The Who --- The What --- The Why

Hi there. I’m Anuschka.

Nice to meet you. I am so happy to welcome you in my digital home.

What I'm doing? I’m a squirrel tamer. What?!? Yes, let me explain.

See, I LOVE systems and structure. Working on this stuff has been my passion from the first job I ever had.

Some people find it tedious, stressful or even boring (gasp!) This line of work isn’t for everyone and not everyone is good at it. Want proof?

This was my actual first job description:


Project Assistant for Information/ Communication/ Technology Department

Analysis, documentation and reengineering of business processes. Preparing and clearance of a performance measurement system, design and reconciliation of operating figures and their calculation including technical scheme for software programming.

See? You just gagged a little bit, didn’t you?

In small businesses, a lot of times our brain is like a squirrel. Jumping from one thing to the next. You don’t know how to delegate effectively. You’re doing everything manually. Or you’re constantly searching for documents on your laptop. Not to mention the little details, like the exact color on your web site logo.

I started as a VA. I saw very quickly how many businesses lacked structure. See, I LOVE systems and structure. Working on this stuff has been my passion from the first job I ever had. I fell in love with how it simplified day to day tasks. And I love how it makes people more efficient and businesses more profitable.

From 20 years in corporate and more than 10 years in process optimization, I know how quickly many businesses with lacking structures either scratch on bankruptcy or (finally) fail. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Well, actually it is proven!

See, they felt safe because they earned a little or even a ton of money and then it all went downhill. Why? Because they were missing basic structures. Or they failed to reassess them regularly. They didn’t know where the money was coming from or going to.

In small businesses, a lot of hours are wasted on stuff. Stuff that is not relevant, stuff that's done by someone not qualified, stuff that could be done through an app. But that’s optional. This can be fixed.

And I love to fix it. When business owners and their team work with me, it eliminates the guessing and the chaos of trying to go at it alone and creates a stable and scalable business.

I calm the crazy squirrels. Hence Squirrel tamer. But it’s okay! Honestly, I love squirrels! I even have feeding stations and a squirrel nesting house on my balcony.

And I could watch them all day, playing catch me on my balcony or munching away on nuts, seeds, and fruits.

What else am I doing? I love watching birds and other animals. And taking long walks into the woods just to see where I end up is a favorite, too. I guess you could say I’m a nature girl. Reading and personal developments are inside favorites - some storms are better watched from the inside of a warm home than being sailed. 😉

And there you also have the biggest "Why?" for my business. To build a trust fund or even a foundation for the conservation of our planet - with all of its beautiful flora and its diverse fauna.

It’s a huge part of my life purpose ... that is why 10% of the profits of my business goes to conservation efforts and as I grow, the percentage of donations grows too.

In the meantime… squirrels 🙂

If you’re ready for your squirrels to be tamed, let’s chat! Book your Strategy Session with me below.