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Feeling Overwhelmed at Work?

Take Control of Your Business Starting Today. . .

Have you created structures in your business or is it more of a hot mess organizing style? Are complex or inconsistent systems keeping you tied up, draining your time, patience and money?

Do you want to work on your terms, but you hustle 25/8 and think you are not able to create a business your way?

If you’re constantly putting out fires at work and can’t stay on top of things, Contoured Consulting is here to help.

We help business owners and managers take control of their work and regain control of their lives.

How? By creating the streamlined systems you need to make everything run smoothly, efficiently, and trouble-free.

Our cost-effective consulting packages help you to obtain all the business systems you need, to automate where possible, and to outsource if needed.

The end result? Everything runs smoothly, allowing you to run and grow your business, without worry or stress.

Ready to take the stress and fuss out of business?

We help streamline and optimize your business with a simple, fuss-free 3-step system...

Step 1. Analyze & Document


  • Analyze your business
  • Creating a clear, written structure
  • Identifying leaky holes and close them

Step 2. Design & Automate


  • Re/design structures.
  • Creating job descriptions and templates
  • Automating tasks

Step 3. Test & Tweak


  • Get back to normal with your new systems and test drive them.
Case Studies can be found HERE


Ms. Ollnow helped us with the accounting management for our research grants. She created various forms to manage income, use and reporting for the grants.
She contributed significantly to the relief of our academic staff from administrative tasks. We know her as a dedicated, responsible, reliable and friendly associate.

Jens Fiehler, MD PhD Director Radiology, UKE

My passion is your business!

I have a career of 20 years in corporate and 10+ of those years in structure related projects.

As an internal auditor, I analyzed, documented and redesigned systems. I work with businesses to automate their workload.

Many businesses lack systems and automation of some sorts. A leak for all types of things. The worst case being a loss of money.

Having your systems set and documented and tasks automated can save you several thousand per year.

How so?

It will reduce uncertainty. Onboarding clients and employees will be quicker. Having a fixed process for your customers will give them and your team a clear route, such as who to contact at which point in a project. Using automation will reduce sources of mistakes.

My passion is to realize all this with you in your business. What are you waiting for?


After spending just 1 hour talking with Anuschka I can't believe how quickly and efficiently she took everything I was struggling with and set me up with a simple and easy system to keep me focused and productive. She really knows her stuff.

Thank you, Anuschka and I look forward to working with you again. Beth

Beth Lynch Owner Beyond the Blindside

Anuschka helped me with a long to-do list and completed her work efficiently and timely, she is always on her toes with the rules and compliances that we have to adhere to in a scientists / public services setting. The best of working with her is the high quality of work, that she is absolutely trustworthy; and has a diverse skill-set, which makes her useful for a lot of different tasks. I am very glad to give this testimonial to her and would definitely work with her again.

Eric Hesse MD PhD Scientist Heisenberg

Ms. Ollnow assisted us in the analysis and design of business processes . She has the ability to represent large and complicated data clear and concise. Her approach to the analysis, implementation and redesign was planned and thought out. In coordination with the various departments and stakeholders, she showed diplomatic skill and perseverance. During her work, Ms. Ollnow had access to confidential data of sometimes great sensitivity. She showed absolute trustworthiness and loyalty, paired with a friendly and reliable work ethic.

Stefan Harder COO d+s online AG

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